Matarangi Monitoring Services is your locally owned and operated alarm monitoring service.

Dave and Bronwyn Blake became the new owners of Matarangi Monitoring Services in 2016 and are continuing that same level of service and dedication to the job that Blue Lewis provided the Matarangi community for 25 years.

“It has been good to provide a monitoring service for clients and make sure their properties are secure while they are away. I am really pleased that locals are taking over what I started.”

Blue Lewis

matarangi-monitoring-service-new-ownersDave and Bronwyn are excited to have been given the opportunity by Blue and June to take over Matarangi Monitoring and are continuing to provide the same excellent service and meet those clients they haven’t yet met. Bronwyn helped Blue over the years with monitoring and is used to being on call 24/7 with her own property management business.

Dave and Bronwyn Blake who are taking over Matarangi Monitoring moved permanently to Matarangi 12 years ago after they both secured work locally. “We were tired of towing our boat to and from Tauranga most weekends, we both love fishing and diving and I love swimming and bush walks,” says Bronwyn.

Dave who grew up in South Auckland got a transfer here with Works Infrastructure, then skippered a charter boat, then back to roading with Transfield/BroadSpectrum and is now the bus driver for Te Rerenga School. He started holidaying in Kuaotunu with his parents as a young boy and remembers how he used to sling a gun over his shoulder and ride over from Kuaotunu to go rabbit shooting in “The Black Forest” as he called The Pines. Dave bought a Matarangi section in the 1980’s and when the couple shifted permanently here they lived in the caravan and utility for the first 6 years until they built their house.

Bronwyn who is originally from Matamata spent all her childhood holidays at Simpsons Beach. When they moved to Matarangi 12 years ago Bronwyn got the job of office manager for L.J. Hooker in Whitianga. She got tired of the commute and started working as a house cleaner and then grew her business into property management about 7 years ago. “I still doing the cleaning though, as it keeps me fit,” says Bronwyn.

We are 5 minutes from everywhere in Matarangi and are the closest alarm monitoring service to Whangapoua, Kuaotunu, Otama and Opito.

With two of us on the job, one of us is always on call to attend alarm call outs.